Revealing beautiful skin

We've yearned to be beautiful ever since we saw our own reflection, yet beauty is as elusive as it is desirable. While many brands have been telling you the way to be beautiful is to conceal who you are, JC Rejuvenation and Wellness is saying something that may startle you.
We're saying no.

JC Rejuvenation and Wellness was founded on the belief that all of us deserve beautiful, gorgeous skin by not concealing who we are, but by having the courage and confidence to reveal our natural, beautiful skin.

In fact, our belief is so strong that we treat all first-time guests to a discounted wax. So what are you waiting for? Book yourself in for some pampering today!

Reveal bold brows that wow
Your eyebrows tell a story. Find out how to keep them looking gorgeous everyday with our expert brow waxing services.

Uncover the beautiful you
We believe to reveal oneself to the world is to truly be beautiful. Our exclusive waxing techniques prep your gorgeous skin before and after each treatment, ensuring the most comfortable experience possible.

Prepare to walk in and strut out feeling fabulous!

  • Cleanse - Our pre-wax cleanser removes makeup, oil or lotion from your skin.
  • Protect - Next, we apply pre-wax oil to ensure the wax adheres to pesky hairs and not your skin.
  • Get your wax on - Using our unique wax, we gently remove the hair for a virtually painless experience.
  • Rejuvenate - Last, we pamper your skin with either our Ingrown Hair Serum (for body) or Calming Cream (for face).

Our job is to remove hair in the gentlest way possible, but more importantly, our job is to help you look and feel your best. We understand that waxing is personal, so we're committed to making you comfortable, both through friendly, straightforward service and the very best waxing products available.

The waxes we use are nothing short of wonderful and are all geared towards making the waxing process less painful and leaving as little redness as possible. JC Rejuvenation and Wellness provides a unique waxing system.

Waxing is a safe and effective method of removing unwanted facial and body hair, using heated wax. The warm wax is applied to the desired area using a wooden applicator then the wax is quickly removed, taking the unwanted hair with it. Wax is applied in the direction of hair growth and removed in the opposite direction of hair growth. This process allows the entire hair follicle to be removed from the root, resulting in smoother skin and longer time before another waxing treatment is needed.

In order to get the most out of your waxing service, hair should be at least ¼ to ½ inch long. This is the ideal length for hair to be before waxing because it will allow the wax to better grip the hair and be released from the root, rather than just removing the hair above the skin.

Hair typically grows back in two to eight weeks depending on the individual. Due to cycles of hair growth, you may experience re-growth sooner. This is not the waxed hair growing back, it is the emergence of hair which was not present at the time of waxing or was too short at the time of waxing. With regular waxing, the length of time between treatments will increase.

  • Waxing should not be performed on any area in which Retin-A, Renova, or Differin have been used within the last two weeks.
  • Waxing should not be performed on individuals who have used Accutane within the last year.
  • If you are using products containing Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, or any other skin care products designed to peel the skin. Use of these products should be discontinued for 3 to 5 days prior to waxing.
  • Waxing should not be used on areas of skin affected by warts, moles, or other skin irritations.
  • If you are using any of the following medications: Antihistamines, Antibiotics, Topical Cortisone, Blood Pressure Medication, Thyroid Medication, or blood thinning medication, do not schedule a waxing appointment.
  • Waxing should not be performed on any areas with varicose veins present.
  • Menstruation and the use of birth control may cause an individual to be more sensitive to wax hair removal.
  • Waxing during pregnancy may lead to increased sensitivity, swelling, and skin irritation.
  • If you have used a tanning bed or been sunburned in the last 24 hours, do not schedule a waxing appointment.

It is recommended that you get waxed every 2 to 4 weeks after your first appointment. This will help remove the hair that was growing underneath the skin at your previous appointment(s). After that, how regularly you get waxed depends on the area being treated and your individual rate of hair growth. Over time, re-growth of hair is slow and hairs come back softer and less dense.

Prices starting at:

Prices starting at:
Chin $12
Lip $12
Cheeks/Sides of Face $14
Eyebrows $15
Full Face $42
Underarms $21
Half Arm $35
Full Arm $45
Half Legs $49
Full Legs $60

Our method leaves your skin soft, smooth, and silky for weeks