Skin Restoration

Our professionally trained estheticians use only the highest quality products, blending the very best of nature with modern science, to achieve results that will make your skin look younger and feel healthier.

Because one size never fits all, each facial and/or peel treatment is entirely customized for your own individual skin. A “Face-Mapping” consultation allows your skin care specialist to hand pick the most beneficial products and techniques to achieve optimal results. Facials include deep cleansing with botanically infused warm towels, exfoliation, delicate extractions, treatment masque, and soothing massage. Perfect for men or women, JC Rejuvenation and Wellness’s skin care regimen is designed to reveal your most luminous, vibrant skin.

Beyond your facial and/or peel treatment, you will be educated about your areas of concern and provided with a detailed treatment plan covering product recommendations, frequency of treatments, and at home instructions for skin care maintenance between appointments.

For the same reason doctor and dentist check-ups are necessary: for better health! 
Skin is a living part of your body (your largest organ, in fact), that defends against environmental assaults and extreme temperatures. It helps eliminate toxins from the body. It heals from cuts, abrasions and scratches like a champ. It's continually renewing and protecting.
Simply put, skin keeps the bad stuff out and the good stuff in.

So what’s the need to focus energy and money on your hair and nails - two items on your body that aren't even living?

Your skin needs personal attention from a professional - and that professional is a Dermalogica professional skin therapist from JC Rejuvenation and Wellness. At Dermalogica, more than 75,000 skin therapists are trained a year. Dermalogica professional skin therapists are licensed, intensely educated skin health experts trained to prescribe Dermalogica products and deliver Dermalogica professional skin treatments. They have the answers to your most pressing skin care concerns. They know how to deliver real, visible results. They're the best in the business, and have a real passion for taking care of your skin.

Your best-looking skin starts with healthy skin, and healthy skin starts with a JC Rejuvenation and Wellness Dermalogica skin therapist. Start living in your healthiest skin!

A facial is a skin treatment designed specifically for the face. They are meant to develop and maintain a clear, healthy complexion, and minimize signs of aging.

Consultation: The esthetician will have you fill out a consultation card that has questions about your general health, medications and supplements you take, products you are currently using, and your skin care regimen.

Cleansing: The esthetician will begin by removing eye make-up and will follow with a deep cleansing of your skin.

Skin analysis: The esthetician will cover your eyes and examine your skin through a brightly lit magnifying lamp in order to observe the following: skin type (dry, oily, combination, sensitive or normal) and skin conditions (acne, blackheads, whiteheads, aging, sun-damage, dehydration, etc.)

Steam: the use of a machine that directs a thin vapor of warm steam to your face. This soothing process softens whiteheads and blackheads to be extracted.

Exfoliation: using chemical or mechanical exfoliants. Mechanical exfoliants have a gritty texture and are used to physically scrub the skin in order to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. Chemical exfoliation uses enzymes or acids to loosen the bond between skin cells.

Extractions: the removal of blackheads and whiteheads. This part of the facial can be uncomfortable, especially on thin skin.

Facial massage: The benefits include tightening of the skin, flushing out toxins, providing much needed moisture to your face, promote lymph drainage which helps brighten your complexion, and can help with fine lines.

Masque: provide deep nourishment to the skin. Masque can be used to moisturize, detoxify, increase circulation, and replenish nutrients.
Application of toner, sunscreen, and moisturizer.

Homecare: the esthetician will recommend products best suited for your skin concerns.

How often should I get a facial?
This will vary from person to person depending on his/her skin concerns. Ideally, you should get a facial monthly because that’s the amount of time it takes the skin to regenerate. You should try to get a facial at least four times per year, as the season changes. You may need facials more frequently if your skin is prone to breakouts or other skin conditions.

Price list

Signature JC Rejuvenation and Wellness Dermalogica Skin Treatment Maintain your skin’s best health with this personalized treatment ideal for all skin types.
Treatment Time: 60 minutes
AGE Smart Treatment Are the signs of aging becoming more prevalent on your skin? Give it a revitalizing power boost with this treatment designed to help firm, smooth, nourish, regenerate and energize!
Treatment Time: 60 minutes
Dermalogica MicroZone Targeted Treatments

Bothersome breakout? Tired eyes? Dull skin? Try one of these 20 minute quick skin fixes that gets you in, gets skin repaired, and gets you out the door in a snap.

Flash Exfoliation: Resurface, smooth and brighten dull skin with this maximum strength exfoliation treatment!

Eye Firm: Revive tired eyes! Brighten and tighten, minimize puffiness and dark circles while smoothing visible lines.

Age Repair: Revitalize and energize while fighting visible signs of aging with this restorative treatment.

Blackhead Relief: Deep clean and purify oily skin to clear congestion, blackheads, and banish breakouts.

Moisture Boost: Rehydrate and replenish dry, thirsty skin with this intense moisture quench for your face!

Rapid Spot Clearing: Speed up repair and clearing of your breakouts with this powerful treatment.

$20 / EACH
MediBac Clearing Skin Treatment Jump-start acne clearing with this purifying, detoxifying, professional treatment that unclogs pores and prevents future breakouts.
Treatment Time: 60 minutes

* For our first time guests, we highly recommend starting with the signature JC Rejuvenation and Wellness Dermalogica Skin Treatment.