Physical Therapy

Functional Rehabilitation & Therapeutic Exercise for your best health

Whether you are looking to alleviate pain, work your way back from injury or regain your regular physical function following a setback, we have a consistent and effective plan that will work for you, both in our office and on your own at home.

Tools that work - we believe in giving our patients tools and practices that they can also use consistently and for the long-term on their own at home. To that end, our patients benefit from therapeutic exercises using stretching straps, resistance bands, exercise & stability balls, and thera-bands in our rehabilitative programs at our office.

Our rehab specialties include:

Therapeutic exercise:
Our comprehensive approach to your physical rehabilitation, centered around proven exercise tools such as exercise balls, is purposely low-tech and hands-on…for a yield of consistently high results.

We encourage the consistent use of resistance and repetition with powerful stretching helpers, such as stretching straps, resistance bands and thera-bands, all of which can also be used at home.

Physical therapy:
Your physical rehabilitation is our priority. Our dedicated team will work with you one-on-one to regain (and perhaps even surpass) your previous levels of mobility, flexibility and physical capacity.