Naturopathy & Functional Medicine

Many of our treatments are based on principles of naturopathic and functional medicine. That is, they support the body's ability to defend against disease.

Treating the whole person -- rather than symptoms or disease -- helps resolve the underlying cause of symptoms, as opposed to covering them up. Pharmaceuticals and surgery are options; however, due to their risky and invasive nature, we recommend them only as a last resort. (Please note that JC Rejuvenation and Wellness healthcare team members do not prescribe medications or perform surgical procedures.)

Our naturopathic/functional medicine therapies include:

  • Lifestyle modification: This involves evaluating and modifying habits related to diet, exercise, sleep, alcohol/nicotine/drug use, stress management and other environmental factors.
  • Western botanicals: These herbal remedies may take the form of tinctures (alcohol-based), glycerites (solid with glycerin from plants), pills (powdered/dried) or teas.