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What is the difference between a functional blood chemistry analysis and “regular” blood testing?

When interpreting blood chemistry lab results, there are two different types of ranges, Pathological and Functional. The pathological ranges look for disease, whereas functional ranges are used to assess for probable risk of disease before disease develops. These imbalances should be used as markers, indicating something that is not as good as it should be; or they can be a sign of a developing condition that is not bad enough to treat medically…at least not yet. JC Rejuvenation and Wellness healthcare team members have dedicated hundreds of continuing education hours learning to differentially manage these blood chemistry patterns. Most medical practitioners today use only the Pathological Ranges and do not address the subclinical or functional findings until they become a serious medical condition. For most people, the goal is to identify developing medical problems and prevent them from manifesting into a serious medical condition.

Functional blood chemistry evaluations

Healthy people have blood chemistry findings that fall within a fairly narrow range. Significant deviations from the optimum range may indicate a variety of poor health conditions.

Your individual biochemistry is as unique as your thumbprint. Your metabolism results from a complex interaction of genetics, age, lifestyle, and environmental stresses. Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis takes the age old procedure of blood chemistry and gives it a much overdue makeover. We look at your blood results in such a way to discover patterns of dysfunction and treat them before they become a serious problem. These may include cholesterol, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, blood sugar regulation, thyroid function, inflammation, hypoglycemia, digestive issues, adrenal function, gall bladder dysfunction, liver enzymes, immune function, anemias, autoimmune, allergy and food sensitivities, menopausal hormones, bone loss, fatigue, etc.

By investigating the whole biochemical makeup of the human body, the healthcare professionals at JC Rejuvenation and Wellness can look at WHY a certain condition may be occurring physiologically.