Ideal Weight Loss Method & Nutrition Management

What sets us apart is we target WEIGHT MAINTENANCE. Anyone can sell you on the ability to lose weight, but we are here for the long haul to help you MAINTAIN your target weight once you achieve it.

It is a physician-monitored weight loss program, consisting of high quality, highly absorptive, and guilt-free FDA APPROVED foods (FDA approval is limited to foods and drugs that are evaluated for safety and efficacy of their labeling and manufacture; of which many protein drinks and nutrition SUPPLEMENTS on the market don’t have due to their SUPPLEMENT LABELING, thus giving Ideal Weight Loss Method products the advantage over all other SUPPLEMENT products on the market).

We offer 24/7 unlimited lifetime nutrition coaching which is included when you become a dieter participating in the Ideal Weight Loss Method.

24/7 unlimited lifetime nutrition coaching includes the ability to text, email, or call the weight loss coach/dietician with questions regarding nutrition with the hope of empowering YOU to become more knowledgeable about what to put in your body

We use this grassroots approach with a one-on-one approach because dieting and nutrition is very very hard. Ideal Weight Loss Method research scientists and medical board have taken care of the science, our coach’s role is to take care of YOU! We try to get you past speed bumps, hurdles, and any other types of obstacles that may have hampered your ability in the past to not only lose weight but to maintain your weight loss.

You also receive our professional coaching videos daily while on the protocol to become more familiar with truth in the nutrition world, giving you more ammunition to help you determine fact from fiction when reading food labels, food products, and listening to the “nutrition experts” we are all so well aware of in our family, friends, and various touted “experts” on the internet blogging about what they think is nutrition fact.

You also receive cooking videos, DVDs, books, recipes, and personalized recommendations on how to shop in the supermarket.

Our goal is to reach out to YOU in the form you respond to best. Unlike Weight Watchers, we don’t cast a wide net to catch as many “potential dieters” while knowing only a few will be successful. We aim to get you to your target weight, and see you through to maintaining that target weight while living a healthy life full of energy and vitality!

Once a successful dieter of our program, you are a patient for life here. We recommend coming in monthly, weekly, however much you deem fit to keep you at your target weight. We are all biochemically different so we all need an individualized program to help us reach our goal.

Our promise to you is to put forth a lot of energy, motivation, and education to get your health and your life going in the right direction.

This program has been scientifically developed by a medical doctor with a passion for nutrition and dietetics research in Europe. The program was originally geared towards athletes whose primary goal is to decrease body fat so as to enhance their sports performance. This must be done though so as to avoid reducing lean tissue and the research shows sports performance increases as body fat of an athlete is reduced. This reduction must be obtained, though, by maintaining the lean body tissue that comprises the athlete. Therefore, the Ideal Weight Loss Method targets only fat cells – and at the same time resets your pancreas for a life-lasting result while giving your liver a rest helping to detoxify your overall body.

Initially the majority of your meals, snacks, or drinks have to be products from the Ideal Weight Loss Method. This is because they contain just the right amount of absorptive proteins, nutrients, and minerals needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The remaining meals can be homemade and include chicken, beef, fish, or tofu.

There are 4 phases in the Ideal Weight Loss Method. As you get closer to your weight loss goal, your dependency on our meals decrease, until you are entirely self sufficient.

Prior to starting a weight loss program, we invite you to attend one of our complimentary workshops in Bartlett, IL or you can schedule a one on one initial consultation. You will learn how our methods significantly differ from fad diets, as well as receive a complimentary assessment as to whether you are a candidate for our program. Contact us today to RSVP for our next complimentary one-hour workshop or schedule a one on one consult, so we can assess if you are a candidate for this revolutionary program.

We have a wide range of tasty foods available. There are over 65 different food options, and we are always adding more. From soups, cereal, to puddings, chips, and bars – you can find just the right type of food that helps you lose weight.

On average, most people replace their weekly grocery bill with that of Ideal Weight Loss Method meals. And since as each phase requires less and less dependency on the Ideal Weight Loss Method meals, the cost for this diet diminishes as you get closer to your weight loss goals.

While many foods may seem “cheaper” in the supermarket, those same foods are also contributing to the overall chronic diseases and illnesses that are draining the healthcare dollars in the US.

What we try to preach on our protocol is that it may be second nature to put in the best gasoline into your vehicle, get regular oil changes, and rotate your tires…all to avoid that expensive mechanic bill at the end of the year. Well the “fuel” (food) that we put into our body and the regular “maintenance” we must do for our bodies is even more critical.

What we try to illustrate is the expenses incurred by paying for special chronic disease control (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc), and the expenses we incur for visits to various specialists and the expenses incurred for those medications are easily forgotten. We try to involve you as much as possible in your own healthcare. You know your body better than anyone else on the planet, and for true health to take place it requires a mutual cooperation between doctor and patient. This is what we aim for.

On average, participants lose weight at the rate of 3 to 7 pounds per week.

Based on over 25 years of experience and 5 million people in Europe, Canada, and the United States, the program enables the following:

  • Quick weight loss without sacrificing muscle mass
  • An understanding of how food affects and is utilized by the body, including what causes fat storage
  • Improved skin tone by providing the skin nutrients it needs
  • Utilization of stored fat for energy usually by day 4 — fat, (along with cellulite) that contains chemical toxins
  • Improved energy, appetite control and reduced cravings — usually on day 4 or 5
  • Improved blood sugar, cholesterol levels, and reduced blood pressure

The Ideal Weight Loss Method emphasizes proper nutrition protocol in order to achieve weight loss, and discourages participants from vigorous exercise regimes. The Ideal Weight Loss Method advocates essential metabolism-sustaining exercise which can be discussed and reviewed by the observing doctor/coach, but is not mandatory for the protocol in order to achieve weight loss.

The Ideal Weight Loss Method does not require the patient to count points for each individual food item. Rather, the patient is required to keep a food journal that will be analyzed by a member of the coaching staff.

An active part of the Ideal Weight Loss Method is patient education. Proper habits and tricks are taught in order for the individual to understand the body mechanics of weight loss and weight gain. Additionally, the patient is weaned off the diet slowly into a lifetime maintenance phase. This ensures that the individual keeps the weight off permanently. The difference being that weight watchers dieters are not properly phased off their diets so that they are more susceptible to gaining the weight back.

The WW diet requires more planning, recording of points/foods, and more time dedicated to shopping/meal planning. Ideal Weight Loss Method foods are more designed for simplicity, and on the go people. You are only responsible for one non-Ideal Weight Loss Method meal per day.