Chiropractic Medicine

What is Chiropractic?

How Chiropractic Works

An important shift from a “crisis” mindset to a “preventative” mindset is essential. Many people wait until the pain or chronic illness they’re experiencing is unbearable before seeking help. We must begin to realize that taking an active role in your health is the key to saving time, money, and most importantly, how you feel. Take the time to listen to your body and do not ignore what it’s trying to tell you. Time is of the essence and only you can take the first step and make the decision to feel well again. JC Rejuvenation and Wellness is dedicated to serving and supporting you, every step of the way.

Our physicians have an extensive and diverse medical and wellness backgrounds, specializing in chiropractic/manipulative/manual medicine, ART (Active Release Techniques Soft Tissue Management System), FAKTR (functional and kinetic treatment with rehab), Cox flexion/distraction with disc decompression, DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Rehabilitative Training), acupuncture & oriental medicine, Ideal Weight Loss Method, and nutritional therapies incorporating functional medicine. They understand patients’ needs and assists them in carefully examining the cause of their pain, followed by effectively administering treatment plans, while encouraging healthy eating, exercise, and stress-management practices. Our one-on-one approach gives you the individualized attention you deserve. It is our careful consideration and interest in each and every patient that sets JC Rejuvenation and Wellness apart from other chiropractors, orthopedic specialists, and physical therapists. We conservatively treat the WHOLE person, not just chase pain, ultimately helping individuals resolve the CAUSE of their inherent movement dysfunction which started the pain cascade in the first place.

The JC Rejuvenation and Wellness staff encourages all patients to take their health into their own hands. We expect our patients to follow the treatment protocols that are prescribed, whether it is keeping your appointment, following at home exercises/rehabilitation and self care recommendations, or complying with your wellness/nutritional program. We, at JC Rejuvenation & Wellness, can give you the foundation, support and guidance to recovery, but good health and habits are ultimately, in the hands of the patient.

No problem can be solved overnight. And even though the pain or dysfunction may have abruptly begun, it may take some time for it to subside. The symptoms that lead patients to the doctor are often chronic in nature and pain is usually the last symptom to develop. Think of pain as being the last domino to topple, as much of what plagues our society is a chain reaction of domino after domino falling. It isn’t until pain then affects something important in our life that we then take notice. Begin to shift your mindset into working proficiently toward healing the cause, so that your pain becomes the first symptom to dissipate. It takes more than just “wanting” to feel better; it also takes “will”. We can help you with that- it’s not always easy, but we’re here to help, you’re not alone. JC Rejuvenation & Wellness is here for YOU.

Your first chiropractic appointment will last approximately one to two hours. During the first part of your visit, your physician will review with you your completed health history questionnaire and conduct a comprehensive physical examination. This examination includes investigation of vital signs, neurological and orthopedic testing, gait analysis, postural examination, muscle testing, and functional biomechanics. The second half of your visit consists of “touch” diagnostics to evaluate your area of complaint and/or surrounding areas. The use of touch allows our doctors to locate muscle and joint restrictions, scar tissue, trigger points, and other types of dysfunction that may be contributing to your symptoms. Depending on your presentation, a radiological exam referral or advanced imaging referral may be necessary for further diagnosing. You will be educated on all the findings and their significance.

Once a diagnosis is determined, a treatment plan will be recommended that best suits your needs. Our medical staff also works in conjunction with other providers at JC Rejuvenation and Wellness, allowing patients access to the care and services they provide, including stretching/strengthening bodywork, oriental medicine techniques, and reiki therapy - this is how we implement in-house our ability to capitalize what’s called integrative medicine. If your condition(s) are beyond the capabilities of this office, your JC Rejuvenation and Wellness practitioner will help you with a referral to the appropriate physician or facility.